What are the Uses of Carbon Steel Split Tee?

What is Carbon Steel Split Tee?

Another name for this item is ASME B16.9. This machine can operate at high temperatures and pressure levels; split tee pipe fitting. It is amazingly resistant to corrosion. Adding to that, this product is easily bendable and weldable. The split tee fitting is typically used to plug machines, and it is made of duplex steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel.

Split weld tee specifications cover a wide range of things, including grades, sizes, schedules, and standards. They also have numerous other requirements, including their size. Apart from this, usually, various places provide split tees that have a tiny diameter and are offered in large quantities.

Carbon Steel Split Tee Size Ranges from ½ inch NB to 24 inch NB in schedules like Sch 10s, the 40s, 80s, and 160s. The Pipe Fitting is attached to the heated tapered pipe using joints, helping to establish a dependable connection.

Uses of Carbon Steel Split Tee

It is what seawater machines generally use. As a result, a lot of material is needed to make this robust product. The use of carbon steel split tees is common in the automotive, pulp and paper, civil construction, chemical processing, and marine industries. The best steel was used to perfectly build the split tee that is being given, which was done so under the direction of skilled workers who made use of cutting-edge technology. Additionally, the given split tee is examined on many quality criteria before being sent out to ensure their improved durability and anti-corrosive nature. This product Tee is available in a range of specifications to fulfill the needs of our clients.

Benefits of Carbon Steel Split Tee

  • It will be beneficial to connect to a line that is already running.
  • It can be applied to tasks including line stop installations and hot tapping.
  • If the procedure is carried out correctly, the weld won’t enter the tapping area. However, due to the possibility of welding burn causing line failure, suitable safety measures must be followed.
  • They are easily adaptable to requirements and are widely accessible.

What are the Uses of Carbon Steel Split Tee?

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