What Are Different Grades of Carbon Steel Flanges

Carbon Steel Flanges is a forged carbon steel designed to connect sections of pipe or join pipe to a pressure vessel, valve, pump or any other equipment. Do you wonder what do different grades of any steel products say about the product? Grades of the steel products change depending on its material ratio, for instance, the carbon content.

In the case of Carbon steel flanges, ASTM A3015, ASTM A182, ASTM A694 and ASTM A105 are the most common grades available. The carbon content is up to 2.1% in weight in carbon steel flanges.

Carbon Steel A105 Flanges

Carbon Steel A105 Flanges are forged carbon steel piping components, i.e., they are used in fittings, flanges, valves, flanges and similar parts, and in pressure systems at ambient and higher-temperature service conditions. The Carbon Steel A105 Flanges are operated under temperatures 500 Degree to 550 Degree. It is used in Hydro-carbon, Marine engineering processing. Heat exchangers, pumps manufacturing, petrochemical plants, valves manufacturing, oil & gas equipment, nuclear power projects, and so on. There are various types of flanges, such as, Plate Flanges, Weld Neck Flanges, Blind Flanges & many more.

Carbon Steel A350 LF2 Flanges

The Carbon Steel A350 LF2 Flanges houses many grades of carbon and ring-rolled flanges, valves, low-alloy steel forged and forged fittings for low-temperatures. These flanges are extensively known for their temperatures and pressure resistance, strength and durability. The Carbon Steel A350 LF2 Flanges provides maximum machinability when it is annealed, normalized or forged, thus gaining moderate strength and offer leakage proof connection at low cost. These flanges are generally more in demand than conventional austenitic stainless steel, due to its higher hardness property.

Carbon Steel A182 Flanges

This grade of carbon steel flanges are used in stainless steel pipe flanges, rolled alloy, forged, valves, forged fittings and other high-temperature services. Carbon Steel A182 Flanges is one of the outcomes of a best chemical experiment and bond. These flanges do not get worn out soon. They are widely used in the petroleum industries, chemical industries, paper industries and many more. The features of this flange type makes it the most reliable products that stay long and don’t require repairing soon after installation. If bought from the right place you can blindly trust this product for its durability.

Carbon Steel A694 Flanges

This is a rigorous carbon steel A694 flanges material than the above three. It is stringent to high-pressure fluid transmission of oil and gas piping. And because of this property of the steel grade, manufacturers have to develop even stronger steel to withstand both cryogenic and high temperatures.  As the carbon content increases, the steel gets harder and stronger after giving it heat treatment. On the other hands, it becomes less ductile. Whereas if no heat treatment is given, the higher carbon reduces its weld ability.